5 Ways To Save On Your Auto Insurance

from Ellis, Moreland & Ellis

by Rhonda Cabrinha on Mar 30, 2016

1.) Pay In Full - Many companies offer additional discounts if you pay your premiums in full. It also eliminates monthly installment fees. 


2.) EFT Withdrawal - Many companies give additional discounts if you pay your premiums by EFT. This also allows you to have very low installment fees if any at all. 


3.) Defensive Driving Courses - Saves approximately 8% a year per driver/vehicle for 3 years. 


4.) Driver Data Device - Monitors driving habits for a limited time, discounts start at 5% & can go as high as 30%.


5.) Bundle & Save - Combine Auto, Home & Umbrella policies with one Insurance Company for a multi-policy credit on each policy.

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